Dear Husband, Thank You

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September 29, 2017
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October 1, 2017

In a marriage, we do say sorry sometimes but thank you, I don’t think so. We are so busy in our everyday lives, with our kids, our routine; work schedules and so on, that we do realise what our spouse is doing for us but often fail to appreciate it. The fact being we are too busy to take out time to say a simple Thank You.

Dear Husband, today I whole heartedly want to thank you for all these years. Thank You for:

  • Choosing me to love
  • Listening to my worries
  • Trusting me to share your worries
  • Standing by my side when I am not treated right
  • Not expressing my mistakes in front of others
  • Respecting me
  • Asking my view before taking any decision
  • Giving due regard to my decisions
  • Encouraging me always
  • Eating my cooked food when it was a blunder
  • Appreciating the food when it was perfect
  • Being my support system
  • Motivating me, even when you are equally tensed
  • Being the peace maker in our relationship and bending always
  • Pampering me
  • Treating my parents as yours
  • Being with me throughout the 38hours of labour
  • Letting me rest by taking care of our son, even when you were equally sleep deprived
  • Being the best father in the world
  • Never giving up on me
  • Helping me in every manner you can
  • Being just one phone call away whenever I need you
  • Fighting for me
  • Not making a big deal of my mistakes
  • Loving me unconditionally and much more than I deserve

Looking at you makes me wonder, how I got so lucky to have you in my life. I am a very proud wife and I am sure our son would be more proud of you. He already has your looks and I pray he gets all your qualities too.

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