Dear Mom & Dad, Please Love Me Always

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October 1, 2017
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October 8, 2017

Every parent loves their kids without any doubt, but is it always? We do cherish the happy moments they give us but why can’t we cherish every moment spent with them, be it rough or smooth?

Dear Mom and Dad, Please Love me always.

  • Love me when I cry to be carried by you for the warmth, as you will barely realise when I will outgrow your lap.
  • Love me when I need a nappy change every now and then. I will be independent before you know.
  • Love me when I cry when you leave the room, as you will long this when I will rejoice this event for my privacy.
  • Love me when I feel happy to see you, as there will be a time when it will not make a great difference to me.
  • Love me when I want to cuddle with you. You will long to cuddle and kiss me when I will hate being done that.
  • Love me when I cry when I fall down because you won’t even know when I will grow up to handle the biggest heartbreaks on my own.
  • Love me when I want you to put me to sleep always. There will be a time when I will cry myself to sleep and you will long to help me.
  • Love me when I keep you occupied the entire day. Before you know I will not need you every moment anymore.
  • Love the noise I make every day as some day the silence in your house will make you feel lonely.
  • Love me when I need your help for the little things like using a spoon, as you will fail to know when the tables will turn and I will help you with the new technologies.

Embrace the chaos, enjoy these little annoyances of life and cherish my childhood now as your little kid will not be little always.

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