Dear Son, I want you to fulfill my Expectations

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October 11, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Happy Mother And Son

“We do not know how our kids will treat us when they grow up.” Just don’t expect anything from this generation.” This is what I keep hearing from other experienced mommies of older children. Whenever I come across this, looking at my 10 month old I tell myself, I do have expectations from my son and I want him to fulfil them.

I might sound selfish, but honestly, I can lower my expectations keeping in mind the fast growing generation but I cannot just do away with all of them, as I feel you expect from the ones you love. When you love someone, you want to be loved back and that is where expectations arise.

Dear Son,

I will never force you to become the person I want you to be, you are free to become what you want to and when you achieve success in it, I don’t even expect you to call me your motivation, but I do expect you just realise I was always there by your side to support you in every way I could.

Once you grow up, I would love you to be independent and I will never expect you to be dependent on me for the decisions relating to your life. You will always be free to take them for yourself. I just expect you to have a thought about me whenever you make any decision.

I do not want you to pay me off for the sacrifices and compromises I have made in my life for you. You are not my retirement plan who will pay me back. It is my duty to love you, raise you and nourish you. Hence, when I get old, whatever you do for me I expect you to do out of pure love, and not as a duty, as you are not obliged to me for anything, even for giving you birth, as it was my decision to bring you in this world, not yours.

I truly wish, you to grow up and become a person you yourself can admire, and never lose your true self under the burden of my expectations. Love you with all my heart, and will always do.

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