I will always be indebted to my Mother In Law

Dear Son, I want you to fulfill my Expectations
October 14, 2017
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October 20, 2017

In our country a Mother in Law is often assumed to be a not so good woman. A relationship between a mother in law and daughter in law is termed as that of a Tom and Jerry. This relation is one which is bound to have many ups and downs. A Mother in Law is often defamed even before having a bad experience with her.

The irony here is, we love our husband, but not our mother in law, whereas she is the woman for making him the person he is. Whenever I feel lucky to have my husband in my life, it is not just my destiny, but also my Mother in Law’s bringing up. In every such situation I have always secretly thanked her for the values she has instilled in him.

Mom in Law, here is my poetic way of Thanking You


Every morning, seeing your son pre-plan,

And get ready before our son’s day has began,

I feel like thanking you, Mom-in-law,

For making him such a responsible man.


He changes the nappy,

Helps me with the chores, yet looking so zappy.

Thank you Mom-in-Law,

For teaching him how to keep a woman happy.


Back from work extremely tired,

Yet helps me as well as plays with our son till he is perspired.

Thank you Mom-in-Law,

For giving him the values, which cannot be less admired.


Your Son is my favourite asset,

And somehow, I shall never forget,

To You, How much I owe

Who taught him how to grow


You trained your son to look above,

You made him the Man I can love,

And so I think of you Today,

And with a thankful heart, this is all I can say

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