Weight Gain for Fussy Toddlers

Rava Dhokla
March 22, 2018
Toddler Meal Plan – Week 1
April 28, 2018

In India, majority of mothers fret over their baby’s weight. The major reason being surroundings; People surrounding them, be it neighbours, relatives or friends. Even I was such a victim to my surroundings who was tired of hearing advices and a taunt about my 14 month olds weight. My husband always said “Look at our baby, not his weight”. “Aim for a healthy baby and not just a chubby baby”. I was often convinced by him but when the paediatrician told me to work on baby’s health as he was not gaining adequate weight, I was falling apart.

Like every other kid even my son is a fussy eater and it was no less than a challenge for me to feed him the required nutrients and help him gain weight. But this time I had made up my mind that I will keep trying and not give up. I made a few changes in my baby’s diet plan and luckily I could see the results in less than a month.

1. Time Intervals: I started feeding my son in little quantities with frequent intervals. By this, I was able to offer him variety in taste as well as nutritional values.

2. Finger Food: My son usually uses to refuse his evening snack, be it whatever I use to feed him. I replaced it with finger food which he now enjoys and it even fills his tummy.

3. Milk: Till 6 months, breast milk is the best for gaining weight for babies. After 1 yr when I tried introducing animal milk to my son’s diet, he was just not ready to accept it. I kept on trying varying the flavours of milk. Finally, I gained success in dry fruit milkshake. It was a complete win-win situation. He was happy with the taste and I was happy with the health benefits.

4. Paneer: I included homemade paneer in his diet at least thrice a week. Be it in dishes like dosa, upma or paratha or as a finger food. It was filling as well as healthy.

5. Banana: It is rich in vitamins and fibre and helps in weight gain as well. I served him banana as milkshake, in oats, in flavoured yogurts or as it is.

6. Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of good fats. I simply boiled them and gave them as finger food.

7. Ghee: This is the best weight gaining source for kids. I completely replaced oil with ghee in cooking my baby’s food and added a generous amount of it in khichdi too.

8. Cheese: Calcium rich cheese made a perfect finger food and even enhanced flavour to the boring upma and dalia which my son use to refuse.

9. Ragi: Ragi or Finger Millet is usually recommended when it comes to weight gain. From 7 months of age till date, my son’s breakfast is ragi porridge.

10. Multi Grain Flour: Using multi grain flour in the baby’s diet has shown steady weight gain. I replaced my plain multi grain flour with ITC Aashirvaad Atta with multi grains which is a mixture of 6 grains – wheat, soya, oats, maize, chana and psyllium husk. I used ITC Aashirvaad Atta for making chapattis, stuffed parathas, whole wheat halwa and puris for my son. ITC Aashirvaad Atta with multigrains not only made our staple food healthy but equally tasty too. I was more than relived as he was getting the goodness of 6 grains in a single go, thanks to ITC Aashirvaad Atta.

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