The Power of Right Nutrition

Toddler Meal Plan – Week 2
May 6, 2018
Toddler Meal Plan – Week 3
May 19, 2018

It was hot summer afternoon and suddenly I felt a chill running down my spine. I was feeling extremely cold. So much as I switched off the ac and the fan and covered myself in 2 layers of quilts. I called my husband, Rahul and asked him to take away our sleeping daughter to another room so that she doesn’t feel hot; after all it was an afternoon of mid May. This chill lasted for an hour and then I was fine as before. Post delivery this was the 5th time I was experiencing this.

This was not the only health issue I had been facing postpartum. Out of many minor problems, one more major trouble was my anxiety issues. I felt extremely anxious for very petty issues. I knew it was wrong, wanted to stop that feeling but it was not in my control. Rahul was really worried about my health and I was equally tensed about this because of my new born daughter.

I knew that I had to get fit and fine if not for myself, for my daughter and Rahul. Rahul insisted that I should see an allopathic doctor but I was not happy with the idea, as I knew he would give me anti-anxiety pills and iron supplements for the chills. Anti-anxiety pills are hormone related which have their own set of side effects and I was in no mood to welcome another health issue. I convinced Rahul to meet a nutritionist instead. Both of us were rather shocked than happy that just simple changes in diet were the solution to my problems.

         Nuts and Seeds: They are great source of iron. Low iron levels result in a fatigue brain causing anxiety. I started munching on dry fruits whenever I was hungry between meals. Post meal I made a routine to have a mixture of certain seeds like sunflower, muskmelon and pumpkin.

         Green Vegetables: From spinach to fenugreek and from broccoli to cabbage, I started storing and cooking everything. Rahul started teasing me that green is my new black. This not only helped me gain back the nutrients her body had lost, but also increase my flow to breastfeed my daughter.

         Mulberries: Mulberries are packed with an impressive nutritional value. Rahul and I started munching on fresh mulberries while watching a late night movie after putting our daughter to sleep. Even Rahul was benefitting with immense good health.

         Dark Chocolate: Now who needs a time and place to accommodate chocolate in their diet! Pure dark chocolate reduces the stress hormone that causes anxiety.

         Turmeric: I was even suggested to add a generous pinch of turmeric in everything I cook as turmeric is a spice that is known for promoting brain health.

         Yogurt: It is loaded with healthy bacteria and a great advice for people who suffer from anxiety. I started having a bowl of fresh yogurt either with lunch or dinner.

         Whole Wheat Flour: I was recommended to replace my plain whole wheat flour with Aashirvaad Aata with Multigrains. It was an all in one package of all the required nutrients my body and brain needed. Aashirvaad Aata with Multigrains has a mixture of wheat, soya, oats, maize, chana and psyllium husk. Wheat is rich in magnesium and creates a healthy energy while reducing hunger, deficiency of which may lead to anxiety. Soya and oats is packed with iron which acts as iron supplements for treating the chill shivers I use to encounter. I found Aashirvaad Aata with Multigrains as a magic key to my health as this was the easiest way to eat healthy. A single roti made from Aashirvaad Aata with Multigrains had the goodness of protein, ditery fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Within a month, I was able to see the difference in my physical and mental health by just making few minor changes in my diet and without any medications. I knew that to keep my family happy and healthy I myself have to be the same, as they rightly say, You Cannot Pour from an Empty Cup!

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