Happy Fathers Day

Toddler Meal Plan – Week 3
May 19, 2018
Misal Pav
July 6, 2018

From a tiny low weight infant to a naughty healthy toddler,

You have tended me like, I am a shoe and you are its cobbler.

Dad, I wonder how are you always there to handle me when I totter.


I love how you daily take out time so that we both can play,

And never ignore me, be it middle of the night or a busy working day.

Dad, what you are doing for me today, I may never be able to weigh,

I wish I can give you the happiness, what you are giving me today.


You always take care that I be away from dust, allergies and flu,

Sorry Dad, for all the tantrums I threw.

How much I adore you, you have no clue,

All I can say is I love you.


However tired you are, you always attend to me with immense zest,

And all the time put my needs first, even though you need rest.

I must certainly be God’s favourite one, as he made so blessed,

Because, I have a dad who is certainly the best.


Happy Fathers Day.

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