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By Apostle Frequency Revelator

during this book, Apostle Frequency Revelator explores the divine revelation of the 7 common dimensions of the supernatural realm which believers can growth via of their religious trip or voyage of exploration of the larger depths of the spirit realm. it truly is worthy exploring the divine fact that religion is the 1st size of the supernatural realm, the Anointing is the second one size and the Mantle is the 3rd measurement. So, so as to faucet into the better geographical regions of supernatural, one has to step out or be catapulted from the area of religion (first measurement) throughout the realm of the anointing (second measurement) into the world of the mantle (third dimension). The grand front into the area of the anointing is thru religion. religion is the ever empowering know-how of the invisible global and its realities. religion is the foreign money of Heaven and capabilities as an antenna whose frequency is being tuned to the non secular waves that come at once from the Throne room of Heaven. even though religion is a reduce airplane within the realm of God and a place to begin for all humanity endeavouring to arrive the area of eternity, religion is what introduces you to the anointing and accentuates an road for the consideration of God to be manifested. The anointing is the divine impartation of God’s supernatural skills and characteristics upon an to be had and yielded vessel with the intention to adopt delegated divine projects successfully and successfully. The solidification and build-up of the anointing will usher you into one other better measurement referred to as the mantle, that is a symbol of God’s appear presence within the usual realm and services as a non secular overlaying that rests upon someone that allows you to workout a heightened measure of authority or dominion over a territory.

The Presence is the fourth size of the supernatural, the awesome is the 5th measurement and the respect is the 6th measurement whereas Love is the seventh and maximum measurement, coined because the God size. As we proceed to growth heavenward within the spirit realm, you may be catapulted from the presence (Fourth Dimension), into the striking enviornment (fifth size) and from the surprising area into the respect realm until eventually you're thrust into the (Love) God measurement that's the seventh and optimum size of the supernatural. The presence represents a radiation or refection of God’s glory. The presence isn't the glory however the radiation or refection of that glory. it's a sign that God is in the home. nevertheless, the fabulous is a huge taking place, incidence or strange manifestation that happens within the traditional realm because of a unexpected divine intervention of God within the affairs of humanity to the level that it can't be fathomed or comprehended via human reasoning and highbrow skill.

The glory is a tangible and visual supernatural manifestation of the fullness or totality of God from the world of the spirit into the world of the actual. it's the intrinsic essence of who God is characterized or manifested by means of His nature, personality, being, attributes or virtues. whereas the anointing is given to a person for carrier to accomplish particular initiatives, the respect is given for elevation or promoting within the spirit. The anointing is what breeds the consideration as the anointing explanations one to execute initiatives and brings them to ideal final touch which might then entitle one to be able to obtain the honor. The anointing is given to convey the honor of God into manifestation. You get to work out the distinction of God in the course of the anointing as the anointing is what connects you to the honor of God. In our trip within the spirit size, there's a realm which a guy may be catapulted into which marks the top point of non secular touch with God. it's known as the 7th measurement. That realm is the world of affection. it's a realm of perfection. it's a size during which God Himself lives, breathes and operates.

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